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Friday, November 29, 2013

My Italian Experience: Day 8 - Florence to Cavazzale

Day 8 Florence to Cavazzale

We had a leisurely morning at hotel. Our hostess had a continental breakfast ready in an upstairs eating area. She made a cappuccino. During breakfast we met two couples from America. One from Missouri and the other from Oregon. The couple from Oregon were staying in Orvieto for a month and traveling to various towns. They told us about their lodgings there. Hmm, maybe a spot for next near. We'll see. It's another dream, but I'll have to be sure it's God plan for me as well.

We checked out of hotel, Hubby still hungry after his cappuccino and pastry. My Kansas City hubby needed something more substantial. Soooo we found the McDonald's near the train station. Scott had an Egg McMuffin and two hash browns. I refused to eat at McDonald's in Italy. Nope, couldn't do it.

We waited at the train station for approx 1 hour. Got there much too early. We took the fast train from Florence to Padova then to Vicenza then to Cavazzale.

We were happy to see the family again. Loved seeing the grandkids again. They were happy to see us. We had a quiet night with them while Son and DIL went out to dinner.
Crashed early.

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