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Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Italy Experience: Day 2 - Feltre and Pedavena

Day 2 - 11/02/13  Feltre and Pedavena

Awoke at 7:15. Well let's just say I got up then. Six-hour time difference really messes with you. Walked to the neighborhood coffee shop, Fausto's a couple of blocks from son and DIL's house. Had soy cappuccino. Excellent.

Today we took a tour bus through Feltre to Pedavena, a small community in the Province of Belluno in the Italian region of Veneto, with a group from Caserma Ederle the Army base in Vicenza.
Drove through countryside with many stone houses and lovely yards. Narrow roads. Many small cars and bicyclists.

We stopped for a walking tour through Feltre. Cobblestone streets, stone building with amazing architecture, churches, statues, arches, coffee shops, and wonderful doors.

I went a little crazy taking pictures of doors. (My fellow Pelican Book group author will understand!) 

Did I say arches? 

Arched Door

Another Door--How beautiful is this!

Scotty and Scott wondering if I'll ever get enough pictures of doors!

My Daughter-in-law, son, and ME in Italy. See this is proof!

Loved these plants. Even in November!

The Piazza Maggiore - Feltre, Italy

Yes, Another door. Isn't it beautiful! I want to do this.

Wouldn't this make a lovely book cover?

Next we visited La Birreria Pedavena brewery. Toured the ancient brewery in the small community of Pedavena. 

On the Brewery grounds.

Enjoyed seeing the brass holding tanks and getting an insider view of how beer is made.

After the walking tour we enjoyed a wonderful meal with unlimited wine and beer!

Our Menu:

Tris di prosciutto crudo, speck bresaola Polentina con funghi e formaggio Piave. (the polenta with mushrooms and Piave cheese was my favorite!

Primo Piatto:        
Risotto alla birra Pedavena

Secondo Piatto:    
Piatto Pedavena – Pastin, arista, wurstel, fagioli insalata, crauti, patate fritte.

Gelato con frutti di bosco

Food was delicious. Wine was awesome. Beer--I actually took a few sips, and if I liked beer it would be delicious too. Scott and Scotty liked it.

Large groups in a dining hall that reminded me of the dining hall at West Point only not as large. A group of men filled the opposite end of the hall and from their toasting and singing they enjoyed the beer!

Singing with an accordion

View from the entrance to the plant.

On the street outside the brewery.
Entrance to the brewery restaurant and bar

Small creek in Pedavena

View from the tiny bridge over the creek in Pedavena

Headed home.
Scott picked up pizza (fresh from Pomo d'Oro a small pizzeria a few blocks away)and wine (from a wine shop on the way—bring your bottle and he fills it from a spigot) for dinner. Wine is very easy to drink here smooth fresh and easy to enjoy. 

Read bedtime stories to grandkids. Sweet. It's been a great day.
12:20 am-wide awake. Jet lag-no fun.

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