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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Italy Experience: Day 1 - Colorado to Milan

Day 1: 10/31/13 - 11/01/13 Colorado to Milan

9:47 am. In Denver airport waiting to board flight to Newark. Clear skies sunny day, waiting in United Airlines club. Excited about seeing Italy. Dreams do come true!

Flight from Denver to Newark, uneventful.

Left Newark late about 7:10 pm. Have great seats in economy plus. The extra leg room is sooo worth the extra cost. We're on the first row so there aren't other seats in front of us. 6-hour 53-minute flight. Excited to see Milan and other towns in Italy.  Gentleman sitting across aisle is a writer who writes about wines for wine enthusiast and other magazines. Interesting occupation.
Already cool seeing the differences in dress and manner of the Italians on board our flight.  The first class Italian gentleman wearing blue jeans and white converse tennis shoes with a fine cut sports jacket with a blue polka dotted silk handkerchief peeking out from the top pocket. The family with the adolescent daughter. Her olive complexion flawless with golden brown hair and large round brown eyes. So interesting. Soaking up the differences already.

After our long flight we arrived at Malpensa, the Milano Airport. Took the Malpensas Express from the airport to Milano Centrale train station.   The station was a grueling experience. Hard to get information on which train goes where. We figured it out. Had to wait 3 hours for the next train to Vicenza.

Had lunch and watched people. Many different characters.  Beggars, old, young, diverse nationalities.  
Trying to find food was a challenge. Imagine being on a gluten-free dairy-free diet in Italy!  Found a small deli. Here's hubby on our first day in Milan at the station deli. We left most of a sandwich we didn't eat on our table. A lady came behind us, wrapped it up and took it with her. 

Paid 1 euro (~$1.37) to use restroom in station--no charge in airport.

When people speak, it sounds like they are arguing because everything is so passionate.  

From the window of the train, the homes we pass are covered in stone or stucco with many having gardens, small courtyards or balconies filled with thriving plants even in November. Their vibrant pinks, reds, and purples against the dark green foliage are a colorful blur as we zip by.

The train from Milano to Vicenza took 1 hr and 45 minutes.
Son, Scotty picked us up at train station.  Loved seeing him. It's been almost a year.  When we got to their house, the grandkids and Barbara greeted us at the door. It was so good to see them. The grandchildren are getting so big. I'd only seen my 2 year-old granddaughter when she was a tiny baby. Now she's talking and so independent. My 4 year-old grandson is such a joy to talk to. His personality is so distinct and vibrant. He'll be a charmer for sure. They rushed to us with hugs and kisses. I felt like a grandmother. It was awesome. Thank you, SKYPE. DIL, Barbara cooked shrimp with olive oil and tomatoes. Enjoyed dinner then outdoors with neighbors. So fun to soak in the Italian culture and language. Love the language.  Stayed up late but crashed after about ten minutes.  So tired. Good to be in ITALY.


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