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Where the Bayous Meet the Mountains

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Umbrella of Doubt

Yeah, I know that sounds a little contradictory. Usually umbrellas are meant to protect us from things—not be the thing we need protecting from…

It’s all in perspective.

When I doubt or worry it’s like I’m opening that big fat umbrella and cowering under it—blocking any blessings heading my way. Blocking God’s creativity within me.

Interesting thing about doubt is that is grows quickly with very little nourishment.

Remember the old adage—feed a fever and starve a cold or was that starve a fever and feed a cold? I can’t ever remember.

Either way, I’ve come up with a new one: Feed a hope—starve a doubt.

Next time rough weather fills your life, leave the umbrella…

Turn your face to the sky…

And drink.

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength. -- Corrie Ten Boom

Friday, March 09, 2007

Touching His Cloak

I love when a Bible story is so significant that it appears in three of the four gospels. My favorite is the story of the woman who pushed through the crowd to touch Jesus’ cloak. Matthew (9:20), Mark (5:25), and Luke (8:43) all thought the story important enough to add to their gospels.

What awesome faith she had!
She didn’t call out His name. She didn’t rush to get in front of Him, nor did she feel the need to capture His attention.

She simply touched Him. Knowing, with deep-rooted faith, that would be enough to heal her.

Her simple act serves as a reminder that my faith needs to be like hers. Knowing that all I have to do is reach out to Him with absolute faith that He can accomplish anything.

Are you trusting Him with your writing? Your problems? Your family? Your future? Have you touched His cloak in faith that He will fulfill His promise to you?

Reaching for His Robe…

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Unlikely Gifts

Sometimes we get gifts that take us a while to figure out that they really are gifts. As a writer, those gifts may be something as simple as an interruption in our writing time to minister to a friend in need or as heavy as a rejection from someone that God knows would not be the right fit.

Once I purchased a laptop and started writing at different locations, little gifts from God seemed to appear everywhere.

Many times, I sit on my back porch to write. It offers a great view and the perfect landscape for those little gifts. A furry bunny. A family of deer. A red fox. Numerous birds. Especially hummingbirds. Often, because I’m fond of Coffee Mate’s Crème Bruleé creamer in my coffee, I’ve had the little feathered kamikazes dangerously close. So close, I've felt the breeze of their wings on my face.

At the park, the giggles of a brother and sister playing on the swings.

At a coffee shop, the gesture of a stranger that perfectly matches the personality of my main character.

At a restaurant, the background music that sets the tone for a difficult scene.

In the den next to the fireplace on a cold, winter morning when sleep is interrupted by the voices that demand their stories be told. In the still quiet morning, the words flow. No restrictions.

Have you received a gift from God while you were writing? If so, please share.

Sometimes it’s in appreciating the little things that keep the big things from overwhelming us.