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Saturday, November 23, 2013

My Italian Experience: Day 4 - Venice

Day 4 - 11/04/13 Venice

Took the train from Cavazzale to Venice. Spent the day in Venice with Scotty and Scott.

The famous Gondolas of Venice

I promise this is not photoshopped. I was really there. Rain-drenched hair and all!

UPS Boat - Looks a little different than the square brown truck.

At the shore line. The Island of San Giorgio Maggiore is in the background 

The Famous Bridge of Sighs
Legend states that this beautiful bridge was named for the sound criminals would
make as they walked over the bridge on their way to prison

Moving everything along the water

The Grand Canal

Couldn't resist--another door.

Beautiful alley way - ignore thumb on top right.

Rising water has a whole different meaning here.

Ponte di Rialto

On the Ponte di Rialto
Thought to be the most visited and photographed bridge in Venice. The Ponte di Rialto opened in 1591. It was the only way to cross the Grand Canal for nearly three hundred years. There are quite a few shops along either side of the bridge. In one shop I purchased a "writing instrument." It's a dip pen with a Murano glass body. I also purchase a wax sealing kit. I've always wanted one of those!

Loved this entry way.

This is the Piazza San Marcos.
When we first arrived it was flooded, but after we went through the Cathedral
the water had receded quite a bit.

Elevated portable walkways are used when the Piazza is flooded to get tourists into the Bascillica.
San Marcos Piazza flooded from the high water
 taken from atop St. Mark's Bascillica

Perhaps long lost relatives?

Enjoying lunch at the Nuova Grotta restaurant. Raw oysters .

Gnocchi in cheese sauce. The best dish by far.
Gnocchi was light and literally melted in your mouth.
Cheese sauce amazing. Ate less than half.
Hubby and son finished this off.

Dessert chocolate cheese cake

Ferrari racing car in the Ferrari store.

Even though there was a slight drizzle throughout the day, it didn't dampen our spirits. We enjoyed the trip to Venice. Loved seeing the Murano glass items. (Murano is a tiny island near Venice where the art of glass making has been practiced for centuries.) Many of the cities features reminded me of New Orleans. Must be that below sea level thing.

Great day of seeing a city I'd dreamed of one day visiting. Yes, it's just like the pictures and the movies!

Long day. Took trains back to Cavazzale. Buona notte. (Good night)

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