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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Housing Development - Sweet progress

Hello Family and Friends!

Here are the latest pictures of our house building. Some progress has occurred and we're really hoping to be in by the end of March. I'm sure that's wishful thinking, but our builder assured us that things move faster in this phase of the "game."

"Front" of house. This is technically the back, but it's the side that faces the street. The plastic sheeting is covering the stone facade the bricklayer is working on. He has a heater running under there to keep the mortar at the correct temperature for curing.

This is the "back" technically the front that is facing the ridge.

The siding is emerald green cement board with cedar soffit and fascia in the same materials. The trim will be stained to match the fascia. This middle section with the large windows will have stone instead of siding. Also there will be a deck across this part of the house.

The kitchen

The Great room.

The insulation is complete and the sheetrockers are scheduled to come this Monday.

As you can see the builder has started installing the siding and will continue through this next week. I'm excited about all the progress and ready to see what the next phase of work will look like.

Until then, I ask for your prayers for the building to run smoothly, safety for all the workers, cooperation from the weather, and that the entire process, every phase, glorify God.

I'll post more in a few days as progress continues.