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Monday, September 29, 2014

Visit with Marion Uckermann - Helsinki Sunrise

Good Monday Morning Readers,

Today on Lagniappe author, Marion Uckermann and her latest release, "Helsinki Sunrise"

I hope you enjoy her hearing about the mishap that happened while filming her book trailer.

Welcome, Marion! (Nice name, btw)


When Helsinki Sunrise featured on Fiction Hero Features, I only expected my hero, Adam Carter, to come under the spotlight, not my book trailer. It was encouraging to see the interest from readers though.

“I have to say that is one of the best book trailers I've seen! Normally I dislike them greatly but this one made me even more excited for the book and if you loved it this much I know it'll be good!”

“LOL! That trailer was cute!”

“Sounds like a great hero and a great read! Cute book trailer, too. :)”

“Oh, boy...I'm sold! Adam's definitely my kinda guy...and could the book trailer BE any better? :)”

And Fiction Hero Features hostess, Nancy Kimball’s response?

“I agree, and I love a great book trailer! :)”
      I’m going to share a little about that trailer (but I won’t reveal too many secrets).
With release day looming and no book trailer yet as promised by my son, Kyle, I did an Abraham and Sarah and created my own baby. I was pretty happy with the results of the book trailer I managed to put together with photographs. But knew it would be nothing like the “Hollywood” production Kyle would create. A media whizzkid (I should probably call him a whizzman, but it just doesn’t have the same ring to it), I had complete faith in Kyle filming a great trailer.

When Kyle and his Finnish wife, Tiia, landed up being the cover models on Helsinki Sunrise, it opened a world of opportunities, not only for the book trailer, but my blog tour, too. I had an unending supply of photos of my hero and heroine.

The week before release date, Kyle finally began filming, editing, and putting the Helsinki Sunrise book trailer together. I was awed at what he accomplished so fast. But every time I see “Eveliina” pushing that berry pie into the oven, I have a little chuckle at the blooper that shot caused.

During filming week I got this Whatsapp message from Kyle:
“So funny story…”
“Yeah?” I typed back.

“We were filming the pie baking shots now, and I used my wallet as a leveler for my camera in the oven. After shooting the oven shot I took my camera out. But not my wallet. We decided it would be good to bake the pie and so we put the oven on…”

Well, you can guess what’s coming next. The two pictures I received caused me to thank God that when Kyle was in South Africa in January, we’d gone to the bank and he’d given me power of attorney over his account.

At least now I can get Kyle a replacement card and take it over to Budapest in December when we visit. And guess what he’s getting for Christmas…
Kyle can definitely not make the claim, “No wallets were harmed in the making of this trailer.”

A last bit of advice from my whizzkid, don’t-know-where-my-head-was-at-that-moment son… “If you want to eat your wallet I don't recommend baking it. It smells awful!”

Wow, the things kids will do for their moms! 
Marion you definitely owe him--big time!

 He needed the island to himself. So did she.

Three weeks alone at a friend’s summer cottage on a Finnish lake to fast and pray. That was Adam Carter's plan. But sometimes plans go awry.
On an impromptu trip to her family's secluded summer cottage, the last thing Eveliina Mikkola expected to find was a missionary from the other side of the world—in her sauna.
Determined to stay, Eveliina will do whatever it takes—from shortcrust pastry to shorts—to send the man of God packing. This island’s too small for them both.
Adam Carter, however, is not about to leave.
Will he be able to resist her temptations?
Can she withstand his prayers?

Watch the Helsinki Sunrise book trailer on YouTube.
Watch the Passport to Romance book trailer on YouTube
Helsinki Sunrise is available to purchase from Pelican Book Group,, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble

Marion Ueckermann’s passion for writing was sparked in 2001 when she moved to Ireland with her husband and two sons. Since then she has published devotional articles and stories in Winners, The One Year Devotional of Joy and Laughter (Tyndale House Publishers), and Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miraculous Messages from Heaven, and her debut novelette, Helsinki Sunrise (White Rose Publishing, a Pelican Book Group imprint, Passport to Romance series). Her second Passport to Romance novelette, Oslo Overtures, will be published in 2015.
Marion blogs for International Christian Fiction Writers and Beauty for Ashes. She belongs to Christian Writers of South Africa and American Christian Fiction Writers. She lives in Pretoria East, South Africa in an empty nest with her husband and their crazy black Scottie, Wally.
Connect with Marion Ueckermann:

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I hope you enjoyed Marion's story and will buy her book!

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I pray you find 
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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014

Author Recommendation-Susan May Warren

Good Monday Morning Readers!

Welcome to Lagniappe!

Today I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to share a book I recently read and enjoyed and recommend an author whose books I enjoy.

While there are many authors whose books I love, Susan May Warren's are high on my list. Susie's books never fail to deliver a great read, endearing characters, riveting settings, and page-turning plots.

The latest book I read of hers: Take a Chance on Me.

Set in Minnesota, it's part of the Christiansen Family Series. A family you'll fall in love with like I did.

If you're looking for something to read, I suggest any of Susie's books.

Here's a link to her website:

If you read Take a Chance on Me, drop a line here to let Lagniappe readers know what you think! 

We'd love to hear from you!

I pray that each of you find 
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Monday, September 15, 2014

Visit with Clare Revell - Turned

Good Monday Morning Readers,

Today's Author is Clare Revell. A prolific writer, (I call her a writing Ninja), Clare has a twelve (12) book series coming along with several stand alone novellas! 

Today Lagniappe is featuring her latest release, "Turned"

Welcome, Clare!

Clare lives in a small town in England with her husband, whom she married in 1992, and her three children. Writing from an early childhood and encouraged by her teachers, she graduated from rewriting fairy stories through fanfiction to using her own original characters and enjoys writing an eclectic mix of romance, crime fiction and children's stories. When she's not writing, reading, or sewing, she's keeping house or doing the many piles of laundry her children manage to make.

She has been a Christian for more than half her life. She goes to Carey Baptist where she is one of three registrars.

She can be found at:

Turned upside down by misadventure. Amy Childs is running late for a party, when she makes an illegal U turn, and hits a pedestrian, the brother of one of the most corrupt men in town. Now her brush with the law has her running for her life from those who want retribution.

Torn apart by tragedy. Detective Sgt Dane Philips lost his wife two years ago to a serial killer. He's juggled work and his two daughters ever since, but can no longer cope. A live-in nanny seems the solution. He knows he shouldn't hire someone without references, but he needs a nanny and Amy needs a job. Perhaps it's an answer to prayer.

 But for all of them, the nightmare is only beginning as the events take a sinister turn. And only a miracle can save them all from destruction.

Three lives torn apart by tragedy and one more turned upside down by misadventure, 
only a miracle can save them all from total destruction.


She got out of the car. Her legs buckled, not wanting to hold her up. She glanced to her right. The guy in the blue shirt lay on the pavement, surrounded by police and paramedics. A huge crowd of onlookers stood everywhere. ìIsÖis he dead?î

"No. What's your name?"


"Amy what?"

"Amy Childs." She couldn't tear her eyes away from the scene.

"Have you had anything to drink in the last hour?"

"No. I don't drink."

"Breathe into this until I say stop."

She frowned. "I told you, I don't drink." But she did as the police officer asked. "Can I go now? I have somewhere I have to be."

"Amy Childs," the police officer spoke firmly, pulling her hands behind her back. "I'm arresting you on suspicion of dangerous driving."

"What? It was only a U-turn."

"You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defense if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence." Metal cuffs snapped around her wrists and firm hands put her into the back of the police car.

"But it was only a U-turn," she repeated.

"U-turns are illegal," the cop said sharply. "And you hit a pedestrian." The door slammed shut.

Amy looked at it. It had no handle on the inside. She swallowed hard against the rising nausea as the car started to move. What had she done? Tears burned her eyes.

The journey was short. The officers led her inside the custody suite to the desk. The place stank of sweat and sick. She gave her name and address and handed over all her belongings. The officer took her down to a cell and removed the cuffs. She had to take off her shoes and leave them in the corridor. The door slammed shut, leaving her alone.

Buy "Turned" here:

paperback -

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I hope you enjoyed Clare's excerpt and will buy her book!

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