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Monday, December 02, 2013

My Italian Experience: Day 10 - Cavazzale to Milan

Day 10 Back to Milano

Awoke early, dressed and packed. The kids were so sweet when we left giving us hugs and kisses. I'll miss them so much.

Stopped at the coffee shop Faustos for cappuccinos and Scott had creamed filled brioche light fluffy pastry.
Cappuccino's at Fausto's

The bells of Cavazzale rang as we walked along the small alleyway to Fausto's I recorded them so I could always be reminded of this gentle place filled with everyday life. A simple world of history and character.

Milan Train Station
Train from Cavazzale to Vicenza to Milano. the rolling pastures and vineyards framed the large window of the train. Aged farmhouses where countless generations lived and worked. Little towns with their quaint train stations. At each stop I imagined walking off and wandering into the town to capture life lived at that moment.

To explore the ancient buildings of a time long ago still preserved in all their glory and ruin. I dreamed of being a vagabond who fearlessly followed by heart and eyes to drink in the last of the Italian north. While my heart longed to return to Tuscany. I dreamed of a return trip and formed the imagine so clearly in my mind. A small apartment in a bed and breakfast in a small town in Tuscany or Umbria. As we traveled toward Milan, I sadly admitted that a part of me had been found and lost in an old country filled with political discontent, hard to understand traditions, good food, good wine, great coffee and people who are as diverse as their country. I take with me a newfound desire to know more about this place that elicits such passion. While I love my country, I also found room to love Italy.

Milan Train Station
Milan Train Station
We walked two blocks to our hotel in Milan, freshened up then headed out to get some lunch and explore the city. We had lunch in a small trattoria, Scott once again had Lasagna (maybe his fourth or fifth time!) and I had gluten free pasta. When we were seated, I recognized the lady sitting at the table next to us. She and her husband were one of the couples we shared breakfast with at the Katti House in Florence! So funny.

After lunch we boarded a tour bus and rode through the city in order to see as much as possible before we left for home the next day.


The Duomo in Milan is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world.
 It took 500 years to complete and was started in 1386.
The Duomo hosts 135 spires and 3200 Statues which adorn the roof.

The Duomo in Milan

Streets of Milan

Church where Mozart performed

Turrent to the Castello Sforzesco or
the Sforzesco Castle in the center of Milan
Fountain in front of the Castle
Another tower at the corner of the Castle grounds

Art in front of a building

The day in Milan ended with a wonderful dinner at a restaurant near the hotel. We had an early dinner (by Italian standards). The restaurant opened at 7:00 P.M. Felt like the cartoon of the Gifted and Talented child trying to push open a door that opened on the outside. I kept pulling on the door and it wouldn't open. It was past seven and I was getting a little frustrated that they weren't opened. After a few more attempts to pull open the door, I about gave up. Hubby, reached around and pushed on the door and it opened!

Our fire codes here in the US provide that all public building's doors open toward the outside. Obviously not the case in Italy. Felt like a complete dunce. 

Enjoyed the food and the atmosphere at the Giglio Rosso. Turned in early for a full day of traveling tomorrow. Going home. Mixed emotions. While I miss home and am ready for my bed, I crave more of Italy. 

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