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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Ice Balls

You know the old adage, 

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"

Well, my new adage: 

"When Mother Nature sends below freezing temperatures, make ice balls!"

A few days ago our thermometer dipped to -28 degrees and stayed barely above zero for most of the day. So I made Ice Balls!

Here's what you'll need:

Large Balloons
Food Coloring. I used red and green
Plastic Bowls – Medium Sized
Optional: Small (2 oz) plastic cups.
Freezer or Below Freezing temperatures outdoors.

1) Put 4-6 drops of food coloring inside balloon. My next batch, I'll use more to get darker colors.

2) Attached mouth of balloon onto facet. Fill balloon to approx. 5-7 inches in diameter.

3) Turn off water. Pinch balloon end (or water will rush out). Squeeze air from balloon then tie a knot to seal.

4) Place filled balloon in a bowl to keep from rolling over. If able, place over small cup to form an indention in the underside of the ball for placing a battery operated light inside or for setting on a string of Christmas lights.

5) Place in freezer or outdoors if temperatures allow.

6) Let sit overnight.

7) Remove cup (if applied) and strip off balloon.

8) Place Ice Balls along driveways/sidewalks, on steps, or in yards. Balls can be set on a string of lights putting the lights in the indention made by the cups allowing the light to shine through. Perfect for porch railings.

Be sure to let sit overnight. Do not move them until they are completely frozen. I moved the greens ones too soon and a lot of the water spilled out. So I'm working on another batch.


Readers, thanks for visiting Lagniappe!

I pray that you find "a little something extra" in each of your days.



Ane Mulligan said...

First of all, you captured me with the title of this post! Titles are so important. Then ... what a great idea!! I like how you put the food coloring inside the balloon instead of coloring the water. It streaked some. And I love how they look on your railing. :)

Marian Pellegrin Merritt said...


Thanks for visiting, Lagniappe! These were fun to make!