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Where the Bayous Meet the Mountains

Friday, January 06, 2006

My Final Note

This morning’s news hit really hard. Mining victims left notes to their loved ones offering reassurance. Such a small gesture. Such grand rewards. To those left to mourn, these notes will surely become as treasured as their memories.

As a writer I’ve come to appreciate the power of the written word. A small note written during a time of tragedy has the power to give a measure of comfort to a hurting soul. That is power.

Their gestures stirred me. What would my final note have to say? Would I have a large enough writing surface to fix all the wrongs that need to be fixed? All the apologizes I need to make? Or will my only words need to be “I Love you and one day will see you again.”?

Suggestions for today: Remind your loved ones how much you love them. Take the necessary steps to mend rifts. Make sure your final thoughts could be written in one sentence. That may be all you have.