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Monday, January 09, 2006

Covenant of Grace

Words by their meaning have the ability to conjure strong emotions. I have two such words. Covenant and Grace. These words resonate through me and leave me comforted. Reminded.

Imagine Noah’s fear during the next rainfall had God not given him the covenant of the rainbow. Without God’s promise, Noah would not have known that the next time rain fell the entire earth wouldn’t be flooded again. Still today, God has kept his promise to Noah. That’s a long time to keep a promise. Wish I could be so steadfast—well maybe not for thousands of years—for just a week. How often I’ve made promises to my children, only to break them when life’s busyness consumed me.

Jesus, is God’s covenant to me. He promises if I believe in His son I will have everlasting life. What a powerful promise. If only I believe.

I consider this my Covenant of Grace. He didn’t have to make this sacrifice for me, but did. I can rest in that promise and in the Promise Keeper. His grace has carried me in, through, around, and before many hard times. Messes that have been consequences of my stubborn will and pride. Messes that have occurred while out of His will. Yet, with steadfast love He’s covered me with His grace and kept His promise. His constant goodness in my unworthiness swells my heart with a gratitude that words cannot express. I know and find great comfort in the covenant of His grace.

Suggestion for today: Find a word in the Bible that evokes a strong emotion in you. Write your thoughts on your word from His word. I’d love to hear how God speaks to you through One word.


Annie Boster said...

While I will have to ponder longer on "One Word", a recurring theme has jumped out at me during my study of the Old Testament, and that is to those much is given much is expected.
I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams during my life so far. And I have to think, what have I done in return? Have I used those blessings to bless others? Or have I been selfish, thinking I "earned" those things through my hard work, etc.

Love this site, Marian - keep it up!

Annie Boster

Cathy Messecar said...

Marian, Thanks for inviting me to read your site. I started out blogging about Bible insights, too. Lately, I've been posting my Friday newspaper columns to the blog.

But I'm into my new read-through of the Bible this year, so I'll need to start chronicling those emerging thoughts. Thanks for the booster shot to do that!...Cathy

My blog link is

Janice Thompson said...

I love it, honey. And I needed a fresh reminder of God's promises tonight. Keep up the blogging!

Heather Diane Tipton said...

hey wait a minute! you gave homework! LOL So not doing homework at two am :-p

I'm loving your blog Marian!

Marian Merritt said...

Annie, Cathy, Janice, and Heather

Thank you for your kind words and support. It means a lot!