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Monday, January 16, 2006

Fourth Days

This weekend I attended the A.D.V.A.N.C.E. Writer’s Retreat and reveled in the presence of many Godly woman. God showed up as well.

The three-day weekend proved to be a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the things God would have us do in 2006. In our writing, but most importantly, in our spiritual life. I floated on the wings of euphoria most of the weekend, cried tears of joy at revelations God chose to share, and filled with compassion when my friends opened their hearts. I can say with confidence that every woman left a changed person. I know I did.

Today, the fourth day, the day after this glorious three-day event, I sit at home and reflect on all God revealed and enjoy the new truths He’s put in my heart. I’m grateful to my friend who, despite great personal turmoil, remained faithful to God and organized this retreat. I’m thankful to the women who shared their dreams and their nightmares. Getting the opportunity to pray with them and for them has been the greatest blessing. Many arrived on Friday as acquaintances, but left as best friends.

I’ve prayed for the armor of Christ today, because I know after periods of spiritual victory comes moments of weakness. I want to be strong during those weaknesses and the only way to accomplish that is to shield myself in Christ. Today, I’m wrapped in the steel of His protection.

I expect great things to happen this year. This will be a year of growth in both my spiritual and writing life. I know because God promised. I came home with a renewed sense of purpose.
He’s called me to write “for such a time as this” and I would be remiss as a daughter of the most majestic King to disobey.
Therefore, I write.

Suggestion for today: Spend time with God today asking what He would have you do this next year.


Heather Diane Tipton said...

great post Marian... I have so much more to say but my brain is still mush. LOL I'll get back with you with something more intelligent. LOL

Love you!

Janice Thompson said...

Oh, amen and amen! Ditto on every word! - Janice