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Monday, December 15, 2014

Jingle Belle and Christmas in the Rink

Good Monday Morning Readers!

Our Christmas Romance Blitz continues with two more  
Christmas novellas. 

Today's Christmas Romances include:

Jingle Belle by Delia Latham

Jingle Belle Knowles is excited about the opportunity to write a Christmas jingle for a new restaurant in Pohono, Oklahoma—until she meets the company’s cocky PR man. Despite an immediate personality clash with much-too-handsome Italian Nick Santini, Belle finds herself irresistibly and unacceptably drawn to her insufferable client.
Nick isn’t pleased about working with the dangerously lovely jingle writer. But with a grand opening date just two weeks before Christmas, he and his brother need something to draw shoppers off the streets and into their Tuscan-themed restaurant. Given Belle's sterling reputation, Nick makes up his mind to grit his teeth and get through the project.
They’re both adults. They’re both Christians. They’re both determined to make the project a success. But when a passionate, self-assured, hard-headed Italian butts heads with a stubborn, auburn-haired, confident Irish spit-fire…the results could make for a highly chaotic Christmas season.

Jingle Belle is the December issue of Pelican Book Group's new Pure Amore line. 

DELIA LATHAM is a born-and-bred California gal, raised in a place called Weedpatch and currently living in the lovely mountain town of Tehachapi with her husband, Johnny. She enjoys multiple roles as Christian wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend, but especially loves being a princess daughter to the King of Kings. She has a "thing" for Dr. Pepper, and loves to hear from her readers. Contact her through her website or send an e-mail to Find her also at the following online locations:

Christmas in the Rink by Dora Hiers

“Washed up Olympic hopeful looking for part time mechanic's job.”
Not quite the glamorous life Conner Weddington envisioned during those countless hours of high school skating practices; but after his mother’s untimely death on Christmas Day, Conner joined the Army and left everything behind, including the father who despised his dreams, and his beautiful skate partner, Chaney Mitchum.

Chaney Mitchum understands why Conner left, but he stole her Olympic aspirations along with her heart. She's never matched that graceful rhythm with another partner, so with her dreams squelched and an adorable niece who requires her attention, Chaney fills her days with diapers and students, not pleasure skating or romance.

Now that Conner's back in town, will he reclaim the joy he once felt about Christmas and faith? Can Chaney and Conner rediscover their poetic elegance on the ice?

After a successful auditing career, Dora left the corporate world to be a stay-at-home mom to her two sons. When her youngest son no longer wanted her hanging out at school with him anymore, Dora started writing Heart Racing, God-Gracing romance. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and Romance Writers of America (RWA).

Dora and her real life hero make their home in North Carolina. When she takes a break from cranking out stories, she enjoys reading, family gatherings, and mountain cabin getaways. She despises traffic, bad coffee, technological meltdowns, and a sad ending to a book. Her books always end with a happily-ever-after!

Readers can connect with Dora:
Blogs: and 

Thanks for visiting Lagniappe today!

I hope these Christmas Romances add a "little something extra" in your Christmas season!



Dora Hiers said...

Thank you for the lovely spotlight on Lagniappe, Marian! Appreciate you!

Marian Pellegrin Merritt said...

Dora, it's a please to have you here and thanks for visiting! Merry Christmas!

Delia Latham said...

Thank you, Marian! I appreciate you!

Marian Pellegrin Merritt said...

Delia, it's wonderful to have you here! Hope you have a blessed Christmas!

Ann Ellison said...

Certainly enjoyed reading about these two novellas. I actually just finished Christmas in the Rink and really enjoyed it and look forward to reading more by Dora. I haven't read anything by Delia but I definitely will be checking into some of her books.

Marian Pellegrin Merritt said...

Ann, thanks for stopping by. Dora and Delia are two great authors with many titles just waiting to be read! Blessings!

Dora Hiers said...

Ann, thank you!! I'm so glad you enjoyed CHRISTMAS IN THE RINK! I appreciate your kind words, and hope you'll give my other books a try. :)

And, Marian, thank you! That's so sweet.

Wishing you all a joyous Christmas season!