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Monday, July 08, 2013

Clare Revell - Thursday's Child

Lagniappe Welcomes...

Clare Revell

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. From soldiers to sailors to firefighters and police officers. From pastors to teachers to fathers.

From the Monday’s Child series comes the latest installment— Thursday’s Child.

Monday’s Child must hide for protection,
Tuesday’s Child tenders direction
Wednesday’s Child grieves for his soul
Thursday’s Child chases the whole
Friday's Child is a man obsessed
Saturday’s Child might be possessed
And Sunday’s Child on life’s seas is tossed
Awaiting the Lifeboat that rescues the lost.

Meet Jared Harkin. Firefighter. Husband. Father. A man with a deeply troubled personal life, yet still puts his life on the line every day to save others.
Thursday's Child chases the whole...

Broken...with bits missing. That's how Niamh, senior prosecutor for the CPS, feels when she wakes in hospital severely injured with no knowledge what happened--for the past ten years. A tall man in a firefighters uniform claims he's her husband. While he's everything she's ever dreamed of in a man and more, she doesn't know him. And if he was so important why can't she remember? Was there something so terrible, so painful in her marriage, her mind has suppressed it?  

First on the scene at a horrific accident, Jared Harkin is devastated to find his wife one of the injured. He's already lost a child, can he live through this? Niamh survives the crash, but awakens with ten years missing and no memories of their life together. Determined to help her remember the past and their love, he sets about wooing her all over again. But are some things best forgotten?

As Niamh struggles to remember, the investigation into the accident reveals foul play. Did her recent caseload have anything to do with the attempt on her life? Or was it someone closer to her?  As bit and pieces of memory return, the attacker strikes again. Can she piece together the whole of her past before it's too late?

(Niamh is pronounced Neeve)

Extract 1

Jared shouldered the gear. “Don’t mention it.” He headed towards the smashed vehicles, the oil and petrol from shattered engines and tanks, mixing with the rain water. Other firefighters started running out hose having considered the high risk of fire. He could hear them talking and equipment buzzing, the normal sounds of a shout mixing with what he knew he had to do.
He got closer to the red car. The woman lay slumped over the steering wheel, black hair stained red with blood. He looked at Steve. “Did you bring the trauma care kit?”
“Go get it. That way we can start treating her until the paramedics arrive.”
Steve nodded and ran back to the fire engine. Jared smiled and then moved closer to the car. Though the teeming rain he could make out the start of the number plate in the tangled wreckage. ROO. The rest of the plate was torn off.
It’s the same as Niamh’s. Don’t be silly. There are probably a thousand red cars that start ROO, if not more than that.
He got closer and suddenly the Station Manager, Brad Peters was there, blocking his path. “Jared…”
Jared looked at him. The look on the Guv’s face said it all. Oh, God, no, please… “Guv?”
“I’m sorry. It’s Niamh.”
Nausea and sheer panic filled him. Dropping the equipment to the ground, Jared moved as if in fire or lime. Everything slowed down, voices and sounds echoing. He shook off the arm that held him, his whole being determined to get to her, his eyes fixed on the wreck. Somewhere in that tortured and twisted hunk of metal was his wife.

Extract 2

The firefighter next to her took a sharp breath. “Hon?”
She looked sideways at him. “Please don’t call me that. I have no idea who you are.”
Shock resonated in his eyes and his jaw dropped. “I’m sorry? You don’t you know who I am?”
“No, I don’t.” She looked back at the doctor. “I don’t remember him at all. The only thing I do know, is when I woke, he was holding my hand.”
Dr. Anders looked at her, then across at the firefighter, concern showing in his steel grey eyes. “Would you mind waiting outside while I examine your wife?”
Niamh swallowed and choked. “Wife?” She didn’t know who this guy was. What other surprises waited for her? Maybe she was still asleep and in some kind of weird dream.
“Yes, Niamh. You’re my wife. I’m Jared. We’ve been married for eight years.” He tore his anguished eyes from her and looked at the doctor. “Why can’t she remember? I want to stay while you check her over.”
She shook her head. “No. I’d like you to leave. Please.”

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About Clare Revell

She has been a Christian for more than half her life. She goes to Carey Baptist where she is one of three registrars.

She can be found at:

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Clare, thanks for sharing with us!

Readers, thanks for visiting Lagniappe.

I pray that you find "a little something extra" in each of your days.


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