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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Snowfall on Sage

Okay, it doesn't sound as intriguing as Snowfall on Cedars, but it certainly describes our last winter storm. Usually the Sage brush peeks through the snowfall, not this time. They're covered!

Over a foot overnight and our little town is back into it's covering of snow. Our recent heat wave, two days of above freezing weather had changed the pristine white to a mucky, brown slush. Not nearly as appealing. But now it's back.

On the housing front—

The builder is progressing. Most all the inside framing is complete. YAY! It's so nice to see where rooms and closets will be. Most of the roof is covered. The area where the porches tie-in are still exposed and the window openings. But I believe he'll be working on the windows sometime this week. It's exciting to see the house begin to resemble a real house! I'll have pictures on my next post.

On the writing front—

My first manuscript, Legacy of Grace, is being shopped by my agent. And while waiting for word on that one, I'm working diligently on my second novel, The Moon Has No Light. I'm close to finishing the first draft. About 10K words. Then the editing begins!

I'll leave you with a few photos from Meeker after the last snowfall.

Our backyard and the "infamous" utility trailer!

Our front porch.

Radar up?

"If only my legs were longer, my belly wouldn't be so cold!"

Blessing to you for a great day!

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