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Monday, July 17, 2006

Book Review – Watching the Tree Limbs by Mary DeMuth

A rich story of innocence lost and redemption found.

What should be a time of playing with friends and exploring what life has to offer, is filled with fear and shame for nine-year-old Mara. Her tormentor threatens to kill the people she loves, if she reveals his dark secret. So, she doesn’t tell.

With her heart set on finding other secrets of her past, she weaves through the maze of deceit the small Texas town of Burl has kept for much too long. In the process, she discovers her past is firmly embedded in the web of lies some in the town will go to great lengths to keep hidden.

With the help of a dedicated best friend, a mysterious man called Denim, and a mothering housekeeper, Mara finds hope where she thought none existed. She also finds true love under the limbs of a stately pecan tree.

This story is written with words that sing and content that grips. A painful story handled with tenderness and grace. DeMuth has done an excellent job of creating characters that crawl into your heart and beg for attention long after you’ve read their story.

Highly recommend.

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