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Monday, March 23, 2015

Cindy Green - Andrea and the 5-day Challenge

Good Monday Morning Readers!

Today, Cindy K. Green visits Lagniappe to discuss her latest release, Andrea and the 5-day Challenge. 

Dear Lord,
I need Your help and sooner would be better than later. Wouldn't you know it, just as soon as I decide to attempt the 5-Day Bible Study Challenge, my parents start heaping on loads of pressure to get me into Julliard. My friend Amy isn’t any better, urging me to ask Luke Ryan to homecoming. As if the cute, transfer jock would actually go out with me. I mean, we’re kinda friends, and I’ve enjoyed our Geometry study sessions, but in case Amy hasn’t noticed, I’m the invisible one at Aubrey Christian Academy, and I like it that way. On top of that, I have a feeling Luke’s concealing something behind those chocolate-brown eyes of his. I know I can be self-centered and a bit melodramatic, but I really do want to seek Your will for my life. Then maybe I’ll even figure out which direction points up.

Sincerely, Andrea Jamison
High School Junior
Change-o-phobic & complete neurotic

Welcome, Cindy! 

Give readers your brand/tagline and share how you came up with it.
My tagline is ‘Humor & Heart with God at its Center’. I came up with this tagline because I write sweet Christian books in several genres which I hope will touch the hearts of readers & my books are full of humor. I just can’t write without it.

Tell us a little about Andrea & the Five Day Challenge.  
This is the first book (out of four) in the YA Aubrey Christian Academy series. Andrea’s story is one that I think most teens can relate to. She is one of four girlfriends (each girl is getting her own book). Andrea accepts the challenge offered by her youth pastor to get into God’s Word and see what He does through her. And what proceeds to happen changes her life. Sometimes its painful, sometimes it’s hilarious but by the end she finds that she’s matured and sloughed off a lot of selfishness in her life to open herself up to being there for others.

What were some of the challenges (research, literary, psychological, or logistical) you faced in bringing this story to life?
I love writing for the teen. Teen or YA fiction has always been a favorite of mine ever since I was one. I taught middle school for several years so the mindset of the teenager is ever close to my heart (I also have one living in my house now too). Writing for the YA makes you analyze your own life not only when you were the age of your characters but the consequences of those years of your life and where you are now because of those decisions. So there is a lot of psychoanalyzing in writing for this age group. You also want to make sure you are connecting with teens of today so I make sure my group of teens are only a text message away.

Give us the description of the ideal person you'd want to read your book.
I am very hard to brand because I like to write across the board of genres. For my new release, the ideal reader would be a Christian teenager—probably female, although my teenage son enjoys reading my teen stories. There is something in there for everyone. But I really hope my books end up attracting teens outside of the church as well. As the series continues, the stories will be tackling harder and harder subjects that all teens can relate to. My hope and prayer is to make a positive impact on my young readers to seek God and know that they are not alone in whatever circumstances they find themselves.

What can readers who enjoy your book do to help make it successful?
Readers can tell others how awesome my book is. They can share my posts in social media. They can review my books and post those on the bookseller websites (like Amazon). Word of mouth is the best way to sell books.

Where did your love of books/storytelling/reading/writing/etc. come from?
Books have always been important in my life. I’m sure that started with my mother who read to all of us five children often. My early influences were Alcott, Austen & Montgomery. Writing my own stories started early. I started actually putting words to the page back in middle school. I wrote simple children’s stories for my younger siblings. I was very influenced by L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables) as a young teen. I read all her books and short stories. And when you read my early writings they are quite Montgomery infused.

What can we expect from you in the future?
My Aubrey Christian Academy series has 3 more books to come. See keep an eye out for them from Pelican Book Group. I also have a sweet YA faery series that I hope to publish soon. Then for the adult reader, I have a Valentine themed short novel coming next year as well as a couple historical westerns. So lots going on. Busy, busy, busy.

LIGHTNING ROUND   Pick 3-5 to answer.

Plotter, Pantser, or Planser?
Pride and Prejudice or Gone with the Wind?
P&P definitely!
Coffee or Tea?
eReader or Paper book?
Laptop or Desktop?
Dogs or Cats?
More important: Plot or Characters?

Cindy K. Green has worked as a middle school history & English teacher, a frozen yogurt server and a golf magazine employee. Today she's a multi-published, award-winning author, a mother, a wife, and a homeschooler too. This native Californian now resides in North Carolina with her husband, two boys, and two cats named Chloe & Kassey. Visit her website, her blog She's on Facebook (Cindy K. Green) and Twitter (@cindykgreen) too.

Cindy, thanks so much for sharing!

Readers, thanks for visiting Lagniappe.

I pray you find 
"a little something extra" 
in each of your days.



Cindy K. Green said...

Thanks for having me today, Marian!

Ann Ellison said...

I have just discovered Cindy's books and I enjoyed reading her interview.

Unknown said...

Cindy, thanks for sharing at Lagniappe! It's a joy to have you!

Unknown said...

Ann, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Hope you enjoy Cindy's books!

Cindy K. Green said...

Hi Marian! Thanks again for having me. Hello Ann! Thank you for much for your reviews. I so appreciate it!!